About the business

We are a Talent Media Agency mainly based in Australia Brisbane but also in different countries.

Our commitment is to attract diverse performers and prepare them for a lifetime of professional and personal growth as we develop new initiatives to reach and influence on different social media platform/application.

About the role

We are looking for Performer who will be earning from home using mobile phone or computer.

Can be singer, speaker, dancer, model, influencer, streamer or vlogger.

The performer can be singing, dancing, play music, maybe just be funny, cooking, day to day share or be entertaining.

You're required to stream at least 30hrs/month; 2 hours max counted per day and at least 15 days a month.

Benefits and perks

You will be able to work from home and on your own schedule, as long you complete target and tasks.

Salary: Based on performance.

Skills and experience

No need to be an experienced streamer
Must be able to have good content, sing, dance or play an instrument.
Must be over 18 years of age
Located in Australia or New Zealand
Good phone camera quality
Good presentation and background
Minimum 30hrs/month and 15 days a month

Brisbane QLD, Australia